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The vibrant spirit of POKKA is fueled by quality centered innovation.


Established in 1977 by parent company POKKA SAPPORO FOOD & BEVERAGE LTD., JAPAN, POKKA SINGAPORE is a leading beverage company in Singapore and Asia-Pacific. The company manufactures and markets a wide range of beverages under the reputed brand name "POKKA".

A continuous focus to improve and innovate, coupled with numerous years of experience in the Food & Beverage industry, helps POKKA retain its position as the one of the best in the market.

Today, POKKA is a renowned brand in the ready-to-drink beverage market not only in Singapore, but also in over 50 countries across Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Beverage Business

POKKA is a leading total beverage company with No.1 standing in various categories in the ready-to-drink market.


POKKA has carved a strong niche in the ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage market with healthy and innovative beverages made from real ingredients. The brand is No. 1 in the various categories – RTD Green Tea, Western Tea, Non-Chilled Juice Drink and Coffee, based on Nielsen Market Track.

The company has established an extensive distribution and strong marketing of POKKA’s products and partner brands such as Sapporo Beer, Kickapoo, Red Bull, evian, Sinalco, Asian Story and others.

Logistics Business

The logistics services provided by POKKA LOGISTICS SINGAPORE ensure the extensive distribution of POKKA and partner brands’ products.


With a combined storage space of 420,000 sq. ft., complete with separate racking systems and a truck fleet of over 50 vehicles, POKKA LOGISTICS provides essential logistical services to support POKKA's domestic and international businesses, spreading across over 40 countries.

Besides supporting the daily operations of POKKA products, POKKA LOGISTICS also lends its strength to distribute POKKA's partner brands, enabling them to leverage on the extensive distribution network POKKA has built over the years.

POKKA LOGISTICS undergoes performance appraisals and indexing periodically, to be in line with the company's high service expectations from all its business disciplines.


1957 - February

NIKKA LEMON CO., LTD. established in Japan, to make and sell lemon beverages.

1963 - October

Nagoya factory in Kitanagoya-city, Aichi Prefecture was the first factory to be built.

1966 - April

Corporate name changed to POKKA LEMON CO. LTD (JAPAN) from NIKKA LEMON CO., LTD.

1972 - May

Production of the first canned coffee under the POKKA name in POKKA CORPORATION JAPAN.

1972 - November

Developed and promoted vending machines for hot and cold drinks in Japan.

1977 - January

POKKA CORPORATION (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD. was established at 22 Chin Bee Road.


POKKA canned coffee was the first product to be produced in POKKA SINGAPORE factory.

1982 - March

The corporate name of POKKA LEMON CO. LTD. (JAPAN) was changed to POKKA CORPORATION.

1991 - August

POKKA FOOD (SINGAPORE) was established, with the first café style restaurant.

1993 - September


1994 - September

POKKA CORPORATION (SINGAPORE) LTD. was listed in the annals of the government.


POKKA set up a hot-fill PET bottle blowing and filling line in Singapore, the first of its kind in South East Asia.

1998 - April

The launch of No.1 Green Tea Brand - POKKA Jasmine Green Tea in can packaging.

2000 - February

The launch of the No.1 Green Tea Brand - POKKA Jasmine Green Tea in bottle packaging.

2001 - October

POKKA invested in the Aseptic PET Bottle Filling System to meet the increasing demand for bottled drinks.

2008 - October


2008 - December

POKKA CORPORATION (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD. was delisted for further growth of company.

2009 - February

POKKA SALES AND MARKETING was established as a fully owned and operated subsidiary.

2009 - April

POKKA's first isotonic drink in Singapore – Sports Water, was launched.

2009 - September

POKKA CORPORATION JAPAN formed a successful capital and business alliance with SAPPORO HOLDINGS LTD.

2009 - November

The launch of Fuji Apple Sparkling Juice Drink, POKKA's first carbonated soft drink product in Singapore.


A carbonated soft drink (CSD) production line was built to support POKKA's venture into the CSD category.

2011 - March

POKKA CORPORATION JAPAN became a consolidated subsidiary of SAPPORO HOLDINGS LTD.

2012 - June

POKKA LOGISTICS SINGAPORE, which catered to efficient delivery of products, was established.

2013 - January


2013 - January

POKKA rolled out the first ever cashless vending machine that accepts payment via ezlink.

2013 - June

Ground breaking ceremony of POKKA's Malaysia factory in Senai, Johor.

2014 - January


Management Message

We are committed to create a diversity of quality beverages to satisfy the unique taste buds of our consumers all over the world.

About Us


Masayuki Tachiyama
Alain Ong
Eugene Tan Ying San
Kiyoshi Kato
Yoshiyuki Komatsu
Masayuki Tachiyama

Masayuki Tachiyama

Group Chairman & CEO, POKKA Corporation
Director, POKKA International

Mr Masayuki Tachiyama was appointed the Group Chairman and CEO in 2016. He joined Sapporo Japan in 1984 with more than 30 years of experience in Sales and Marketing in the Japanese beer market. He also headed the brand marketing of Premium Yebisu Beer, Sapporo’s key beer brand.

Alain Ong

Alain Ong

Group Deputy CEO, POKKA Corporation
CEO, POKKA International

Mr Alain Ong is the first Singaporean to head POKKA’s local office. With 11 years of experience with POKKA, he has helped grow the brand into a Total Beverage Company, propelling it into the market leader for ready-to-drink Tea (March 2017), Coffee (Vol. MAT February 2016) and Non-Chilled Juice (Vol. MAT March 2015), based on the Nielsen Market Track.

Eugene Tan Ying San

Eugene Tan Ying San

Group CFO, POKKA Corporation
Director, POKKA International

As the POKKA Corporation’s Group CFO for the past nine years, Mr Eugene Tan Ying San was actively involved in the delisting of POKKA Corporation in 2008, and has devised and contributed to the further growth plans for the company. Mr Tan is also responsible for the company’s legal affairs and Human Resources.

Kiyoshi Kato

Kiyoshi Kato

Group COO, POKKA Corporation
Director, POKKA International

Mr Kiyoshi Kato was appointed the Group COO in 2016, and is responsible for the company’s Group Corporate Planning, Manufacturing, Engineering, Research & Development, and Supply Chain Management. He joined POKKA Japan in 1986 with prior experience in Production, Procurement, Technical and Quality Assurance before having transferred to the Singapore office in 2011. 

Yoshiyuki Komatsu

Yoshiyuki Komatsu

Director, POKKA Corporation
Director, POKKA International 

Mr Yoshiyuki Komatsu is the newly appointed Director (2017) of the POKKA Corporation, and also holds the position as the Director of Administration Division of POKKA Sapporo Food & Beverage Limited. He joined Sapporo Japan in 1988, with experience in Accounting and Finance, Legal and Risk Management.